What can businesses do to protect against phishing attacks?


In the second video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, Information Security Officer at Stryve, and Kathleen Lucey, our Client Director, discuss phishing. Paul explains that phishing is when a hacker (or criminal) sends you an email encouraging you to click on a link, install malware or hand over valuable information to them. He offers his top tips on protecting yourself against phishing.

Three main elements must be considered when it comes to bolstering your defences:

1. The human element – Employees must know that security is a top priority for your organisation and they must fight the innate human desire to trust the messages that come into their inbox.

2. The technical element – From tools that are used to scan emails to AI solutions that can learn to fight more complex attacks, technical solutions should be in every organisation’s arsenal.

3. Education – Employees must not only be aware of your organisation’s cybersecurity ethos; but they must be continuously trained to spot phishing emails and stop them in their tracks.

Although there is no simple solution to avoid falling victim to an attack, focusing on these three elements will ensure you’re on stable footing when it comes to protecting your organisation.

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