What can businesses do to protect against cyber attacks?


In the first video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, Information Security Officer at Stryve, speaks to Kathleen Lucey, our Client Director about how you can protect against cyber attacks. Paul shares his top 6 tips to help you stay secure.

Although many smaller organisations remain fearful that a devastating attack is imminent, Paul breaks down the simple, manageable steps you can take to improve your cybersecurity posture.

Paul’s six tips to help you protect against a cyber attack are:

1. Pen testing – Phishing remains a big attack vector that many hackers use to target organisations, by implementing a solution to catch suspicious messages, you increase your chances of avoiding an attack.

2. Know your assets – It is almost impossible to protect yourself if you don’t know what it is you are trying to protect.

3. Secure your devices – Devices that have access to your network, from laptops to mobile phones, must be secured to decrease the risk they will be compromised.

4. Backup, backup, backup – You can never have enough secure backups and, when an attack does occur, you can expect to rely on them heavily.

5. The plan – Cyber attacks are so prevalent now that your plan should be designed to deal when an attack when it happens, not if it does.

6. Training – Education is key when it comes to keeping your organisation secure.

Tune into our next videos to find out more about how you can implement Paul’s tips and improve your cybersecurity posture.

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