Stryve Secure Private Cloud (IaaS)

Providing a bespoke secure private cloud infrastructure to suit your specific business needs with a highly responsive support team that care about your business.

Providing a bespoke secure private cloud infrastructure to suit your specific business needs with a highly responsive support team that care about your business.

Stryve Secure Private Cloud

Tailored to your
bespoke needs

Finding a secure private cloud solution that meets all of your requirements is a daunting task. Many companies opt for an “off the shelf” solution, compromising what matters to them for the sake of convenience. At Stryve, there are no compromises required. We utilise our secure private cloud to design a custom IaaS solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

Secure Private Cloud Applications

There are several compelling reasons to choose private cloud above public cloud, including:

1. The added layer of security that private cloud guarantees. Within the public cloud, the attack surface is bigger and, because it is composed of publicly shared virtualised resources, attacks are harder to defend against. Private cloud offers more security and, because the attack surface is smaller, a much lower chance that your data will be compromised.

2. The data sovereignty that private cloud offers. With private cloud, you always know where your data resides. When you choose Stryve your data resides in one of two places: Ireland or Poland. Both countries are bound by the GDPR which offers some of the highest levels of data protection in the world.

Our experts configure your private cloud solution for you. Most public cloud solutions are not inherently unsecure, however, because few companies configure them to maximise protection, many end up leaving you vulnerable to attack. At Stryve, we alleviate this stress by configuring your private cloud to securely meet your needs.

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What is different about Stryve Secure Private Cloud?

What is different about Stryve Secure Private Cloud?

Stryve’s private cloud technology is cutting edge but what really sets us apart is our people. By choosing Stryve, you gain access to a team that delivers a secure private cloud solution that guarantees increased data protection and security. As your infrastructure provider, we are stakeholders in your success, and we genuinely care about your business.

We are always on the other end of the phone, ready to offer our clients support and advice. However, when it comes to delivering your private cloud solution, we work independently, ensuring that you never need to rely on your own staff to maintain infrastructure. This allows you and your team to focus on what matters and delivers better IT performance from your staff.

Throughout the migration process, we embed a cybersecurity team to continuously manage your installation and provide advice that minimises security risks. Our solutions offer the best of both public and private cloud. For the cost of a public cloud solution, you gain access to a secure cloud service that scales with you. At Stryve, our solutions come without the capital expenditure that most require, and we guarantee that you will only ever pay for what you need.

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