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Our Bespoke Secure Online Backup Solution with Responsive Support Will Increase Resilience

A Secure Online Backup Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Over the past few years, it has become clear that secure online backups offer many advantages that traditional backups simply cannot. With this in mind, you may be eager to move to online backups but how do you find a solution that is right for you?

At Stryve, we tailor-make our solutions to ensure that they meet every one of your requirements. Our secure online backup solution offers you access to a secure facility for backing up files to a remote or cloud location.

No matter what your unique requirements are, our experts deliver, with easy restoration options, such as Point in Time Restore. Our technology enables us to backup servers, PCs, Windows, Linux, SQL, Databases, Microsoft 365 and G-Suite data. This allows Stryve to rise to any challenge.

Secure Online Backup - Stryve
Secure Online Backup Applications (what would you use it for)

Our secure online backups solution is ideal for you if you:

1. Want to feel assured that you will suffer zero data loss. Our secure online backup solution takes the stress of losing valuable company information off your shoulders and offers peace of mind.

2. Have Veeam installed onsite but are seeking the ability to back up off-site. Customers that fall into this category are ideal candidates for our secure online backup solution.

3. Want to ensure that your data is always protected. Before we begin the secure online backup process, all customer data is encrypted on the customer server to ensure it is secure. The data is then sent through an encrypted tunnel to our Secure Backup, where the data remains encrypted at rest. You are the only person able to decrypt your data.

Key Features of our Secure Online Backup Solution

We offer you access to:

1. Faster incremental backups.

2. Scalable protection.

3. Simple pricing model.

4. Encrypted data.

5. RPO of 8 seconds.

Key Benefits of our Secure Online Backup Solution

We guarantee:

1. Easy backups and restoration.

2. Zero data loss.

3. Data sovereignty.

4. Cost efficiencies.

5. Peace of mind.

What is Different about our Secure Online Backup Solution?

What sets our secure online backup solution apart is that it is designed by our experts to meet your individual needs. In practice, this means that we have no one-size-fits-all solution and no two customers will be availing of the exact same secure online backup service.

Our experts speak to you, understand your needs and expectations and design a system that we know would work best for you. As a result, our solutions embody a level of flexibility that is alien to most of our competitors.  

When you choose Stryve, your secure online backups run on a schedule that suits you and your needs. Initially, we run a full backup and subsequent backups simply record changes that have been made since the last backup took place.

Secure Online Backup - Stryve

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