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A Bespoke Disaster Recovery Solution Designed by People, for People

Many companies excel at planning and strategy but often fall short when it comes to a having disaster recovery solution in place. You may plan and forecast for almost every event but do you know what your organisation will do if disaster strikes?

Like many companies, you may have put off dealing with this question until you find yourself in dire straits. Nevertheless, at Stryve, we believe that disaster recovery needs to be part of your day-to-day plan. You may wonder why.  

The simple answer is that most companies only realise they need a disaster recovery plan when it’s too late. Data is now the world’s most valuable resource – surpassing oil – and having a plan in place means that losing data is one less thing you have to worry about.  

At Stryve, we not only guarantee that you will have zero data loss in the event of a disaster but also that you will have access to the latest cutting-edge technology. Most companies measure their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in hours, ours is measured in seconds.  

Disaster Recovery - Stryve
Disaster Recovery Applications (what would you use it for)

At Stryve, we always advise our clients to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Having a solution in places means:

1. You can protect your most valuable resource. Loss of data in the event of a disaster can having damning impacts on an organisation.  

2. You can feel assured that a disaster will not result in a business interruption. At Stryve, we guarantee zero downtime and zero data loss meaning that you never have to worry about a disaster setting your business back.  

3. You can meet a key cyber insurance requirement. Most cyber insurance providers require that you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Doing so allows you to tick one more box when applying for cyber insurance and gives you one less thing to worry about.  

Key Features of our Disaster Recovery Solution

We offer you access to:

1. Cutting-edge technology powered by Zerto.

2. An RTO of 8 seconds.  

3. An offsite backup or copy of your data in our secure private cloud.  

4. The ability to easily backup and restore files – single click failover, single click failback.  

5. Guaranteed GDPR compliance.  

Key Benefits of our Disaster Recovery Solution

We guarantee:

1. Zero data loss  

2. Zero downtime  

3. Data sovereignty  

4. Commercially attractive options

5. Cost savings  

6. Peace of mind  

What is Different about our Disaster Recovery Solution?

What sets Stryve apart is our ability to partner with clients to design a bespoke solution. Our team manages resilience to ensure business continuity and facilitate disaster recovery.  

Our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Rather, they are tailored to meet your individual needs. Our bespoke solutions also offer you access to a team of experts with valuable knowledge and experience to support your business.  

Unlike automated solutions, our team genuinely care about you and your business and are on hand to answer any questions and deal with your concerns. Having a disaster recovery solution in place means that you never need to worry about any business interruptions and you can focus on what matters.  

Disaster Recovery - Stryve

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