Protecting Your Data? Keep a Data Backup.


In the fifth video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, Stryve’s Information Security Officer, speaks to Kathleen Lucey, our Client Director, about the importance of having data backups. Paul explains that if something goes wrong and your organisation does not have backups, this could potentially be business ending.

He advises you to backup anything critical to your business and any data that – if lost – would severely inhibit your ability to do business. Indeed, the HSE attack that took place last year demonstrates the importance of backing up critical information.

While the HSE did have a data backup solution in place, it was not immutable and it was not secure. In fact, the solution actually backed up the ransomware that infected the health service in the first place. Paul explains that a backup solution is not a one-and-done affair. Rather, backups must be continuously tested to ensure that they work.

For a robust approach to securing your data see our Data Protection services.

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