Data Security: Protecting Your Business? Secure Your Devices


In the fourth video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, Information Security Officer at Stryve, and Kathleen Lucey, our Client Director, discuss how you can secure your business’s devices. This is a key aspect of maintaining data security. Paul begins by telling us that a device is anything that can access your data or your network. A laptop and a mobile phone are common examples of a device; however, the definition is broad and you need to be aware of that.

When it comes to securing your devices, Paul offers two tips:

1. Encrypt your device – this means that no matter what happens to the device – if it gets lost or stolen – your data will remain protected.

2. Patch, patch, patch – many of us are in the habit of dismissing our devices’ requests to keep them updated. However, oftentimes, organisations are infiltrated using known vulnerabilities. In order words, had they simply patched their devices in time, they could have saved themselves the monetary, reputational and emotional cost of a cyberattack.

Watch the full video below to improve your data security!

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