Pen testing

Everything Stryve does revolves
around data security and, no matter
what service you are after, protecting
your data will be at the core.

Don’t let the bad guys be the first to uncover your vulnerabilities. Protect your most valuable assets with a Pen Test.

Penetration Testing

Testing your cyber defences

At Stryve, our team of white-hat hackers put your cybersecurity defences to the test. Stryve will design a pen test to suit your exact needs. Our penetration team then apply every trick in the book to break into your system. The result is a clear overview of your weaknesses and an action plan to fortify your cyber security posture.

Penetration Testing Applications (what would you use it for)

There are many different reasons why you would engage us to perform pen tests:

1. You might be worried your system is not secure and are looking for expert advice on how to protect against an attack.

2. You may be confident that your system is secure but want independent verification that you are not vulnerable to attack.

3. If you process sensitive information, performing regular pen tests is a must. You know the impact that a cyberattack would have on your reputation and business and are constantly looking for ways to minimise the risk of an attack.

Almost all cyber insurance companies require that their clients or potential clients perform pen tests. Thus, you may be looking to meet this requirement. Choosing Stryve does not only enable you to tick a box on a cyber insurance form, but it also allows you to discover and remediate other security issues which may drive down your premium.

Key features

The power of Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities.

Evaluate you would
respond after a

Discover vulnerable

Guidance from
an ISO 27001:2017
Certified Partner.

Key benefits

Address weaknesses.

Identify cybersecurity strengths

Verify your system is secure

Meet cyber insurance requirements

Be the first to uncover your weaknesses

Be the first to uncover your weaknesses

Stryve will help you to uncover any vulnerabilities in your business. Unlike our competitors, Stryve takes the time to understand your pain points and tailor creative solutions to your unique requirements. Our team of white-hat hackers will put your cyber security defences to the test. We uncover your weaknesses first and empower your team to mitigate the threat of malicious attempts. Safeguarding your brand and trusted reputation and giving you greater peace of mind.

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