Our culture

At Stryve, we grow our business and grow as individuals by fostering a people-first approach, harnessing the power of interpersonal relationships and working together towards a shared vision.

Andrew Tobin

Our vision

Stryve’s vision is to become Europe’s largest private cloud company. We want to give SMEs access to ironclad private cloud cyber security and expertise that protects their data, fosters safer work environments and ultimately gives customers greater peace of mind.

Our values

  • We are caring, trustworthy and reliable.
  • We take a people-first approach.
  • We are energetic, innovative and creative.
  • We encourage strategic, growth-focused mindsets.
  • We believe in personal development, flexibility and enjoying our work and life in balance.
  • We minimise our impact on the planet.

Working for Stryve

What’s it like to work for one of Ireland’s most prestigious
award winning cybersecurity companies?

We could tell you, but we prefer to our people do the talking…

“What vision and
values mean to

Inga Danu

Stryve are now seeking exceptional individuals to our new entity in Poland . Reporting to the Managing Director, the key purpose of the role will be to win new business for the company’s SMB and enterprise-level solutions including Disaster Recovery, On-Line Back up’s, Infrastructure as a service, Business Continuity, Secure e-mail, Pen Testing, Risk Assessment and Bespoke Cyber Security Solutions.

Our primary customer base consists businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. They may have an IT Manager or CTO in situ but lack a dedicated security lead and are thus interested in receiving support from us.


People first

Data Sovereignty


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