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UK Partnership sets the gold standard in Secure Private Cloud for Comms


We are thrilled to finally share some exciting news.

Andrew and the team at Stryve are delighted to announce that we have partnered with London based digital communications company, Atticus Creative. Having worked with the digital agency on several projects in the past, we know that their creativity will be an enormous asset and round out our technical team.

The partnership will set a new gold standard for companies’ digital communications. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome David Roland, Client Director, and Sanjay Chauhan, Design Director, and their brilliant team to Stryve.

Where creativity meets cybersecurity

Under a rebranded name, Stratticus is pioneering solutions to fill a gap in the market between design and security. Stratticus is leading the way, developing and managing digital assets with cutting-edge secure private cloud features as standard for the ever-evolving digital economy.

Stratticus describes itself as a creative agency specialising in developing brands along with the full range of digital assets that differentiate clients from their competitors. All with a rock-solid foundation in cybersecurity.

Our CEO, Andrew Tobin, believes this type of integrated high-level private cloud security will become the new normal for businesses managing digital assets, for example, websites, Apps, social media, databases and third-party software, he explains,

“With an increasingly digital workplace, the new partnership, Stratticus, is where creativity meets security. Stratticus will future-proof web and App development with state-of-the-art cybersecurity. Putting our client’s digital assets in safer hands.”

CISO as a Service

The benefit of this partnership for existing clients is that they can be offered in-house information and cybersecurity management as a service; effectively having an in-house Chief Information Security Office on your team, but without the added payroll.

Atticus Creative has a portfolio of established customers, including, The Portland Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, Save our Children, Tearfund and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. For more than 10 years, the company has specialised in developing brands and brand communications across print and digital media.

The added advantages of private cloud service can add value to Atticus’ established customer base by providing a range of Security as a Service (SaaS) products, for example, immutable (fixed and unchangeable) backup, fast recovery and storage plus penetration testing.

Likewise, the creative minds behind the digital agency will enhance our security clients’ online presence with its ingenious approach to design, user experience and smart communication via digital assets.

Five advantages Of Secure Private Cloud

Over the last decade, we have seen companies move towards cloud storage with the promise of cheaper solutions, less maintenance, lower electricity usage, no up-front costs and a raft of other ‘benefits’. Thousands of businesses moved their data storage to the cloud.

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The majority of this storage is public cloud offered by big-name providers. The problem is, that now billions of servers in the cloud are public, and therefore vulnerable to attack.

Secure private cloud is the only fully secure solution. The added layer of security that private cloud guarantees include:

  1. Guaranteed data sovereignty.
  2. With private cloud, you always know where your data resides. For example, Stryve clients know that their data is either in Ireland or Poland, two EU countries bound by GDPR.
  3. Private cloud is more secure because the attack surface is significantly smaller.
  4. Because private cloud is not shared, it is possible to tailor solutions to clients’ precise needs.
  5. There are no hidden additional costs using private cloud solutions.

Stryve to become Europe’s largest private cloud service provider

It is no secret that Stryve’s ambition is to become Europe’s largest private cloud company. Joining forces with Atticus Creative is another step closer to realising this goal. It comes as part of the €1m UK investment that we announced in January. The new entity has already created eight new positions for developers and administration staff as we continue to expand.

The company’s expansion across Europe is supported by on-the-ground assistance from Enterprise Ireland, helping us achieve our global ambition every step of the way.

Andrew said,

“I have to acknowledge the incredible support Stryve has received from Pat O’Grady and his colleagues at Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland has helped us make the right connections overseas and develop a stronger foothold in the UK and throughout Europe.”

Within the last year, Stryve has created 15 positions, opened its EU sales office in Poland, successfully tendered for EU Government business, certified as a Carbon Neutral Company and won the  Best Cybersecurity and Compliance  company at the Chambers Ireland Awards. 

We are earning a reputation for making private cloud security the bedrock of digital success stories and providing value at every touchpoint.  As part of your team, we want to make the future of cloud accessible to SMEs now. The company prides itself on a hands-on, always available approach to customer service.

Andrew Tobin went on to say, 

Exceptional customer experience is a core value at Stryve. Customers need to know that their data is safe. Should a problem occurs, Stryve customers can talk to a real person, day or night, to resolve an issue. We share this dedication to customer service with Atticus Creative and will continue a client-first approach in the new partnership, Stratticus. Bringing expertise and creative thinkers together with a shared vision to deliver world-class cybersecurity and digital integrity for start-ups and SMEs alike.”

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