Need to Protect Your Data in Case of an Emergency? Always Ensure You Have a Plan.


In the sixth video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, our Information Security Officer, chats to Kathleen Lucey, our Client Director, about what to do when – not, if – a cyberattack happens. Paul explains that having a plan in place is of the utmost importance because it allows you to respond effectively in the case of an emergency.

Paul draws comparisons with the fire safety procedures your organisation has in place. He points out that everyone in the organisation is aware of what to do in event that a fire breaks out and every organisation has one – if not, multiple – fire wardens assigned.

Applying this to a cybersecurity context, he explains that your organisation’s response should be as widely known and clear as your response to a fire. You must have a plan in place of which everyone in the organisation is aware. Moreover, you must not only test this plan but also assign someone to be responsible for it and its proper execution.

Everyone should know their place in the plan and your response to a cyberattack should be as seamless and coordinated as your response to any other emergency.

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