Cyberattack affects 200 law firms across the UK


A cyberattack on an IT support company has affected over 200 legal practices across the UK.

The attack has left 80 new home buyers in limbo, unable to complete transactions following the service outage affecting an IT provider. Customers have expressed concern about their mortgage offers expiring.

This system breach leaves the solicitors and their firms with egg on their faces, not to mention the reputation damage and loss of earnings.

Furthermore, the ITC company behind the breach may now be open to litigation, having disrupted business continuity in 200 legal firms.

Law firms across Ireland and the UK face new cybersecurity challenges every week

From our experience working with the legal sector in Ireland and the UK, including the Law Society of Ireland and sponsoring the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association Annual Conference this year, we understand the unique challenges the industry faces in managing its cybersecurity and data protection.

Last year, the Law Society of England and Wales compiled a list of the 10 most significant challenges facing the legal profession. They include:

  • Meeting their clients’ digital expectation
  • Having the right technology
  • Thriving as a hybrid working law firm
  • Keeping cyber criminals at bay
  • Remaining on top of compliance
  • Renewing professional indemnity insurance (including cyber insurance.)

Takeaways from the UK legal sector attack

Law firms across the UK and Ireland may be left wondering how to avoid falling prey to a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity threats affect every industry and the legal sector – like any – experiences unique challenges.

  • This incident highlights the importance of looking robustly at third-party providers and their cybersecurity credentials. Ensure your ICT providers lead with cyber security.
  • Consider investing in Cyber Insurance. You can discover more in our guest blog from Pembroke Insurance: How to Get Cyber Insurance: A Provider’s Perspective – (
  • Partner with an ISO-accredited cyber security specialist.

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