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IaaS Platform Solution for Contact Centres


IaaS Platform Solution for Contact Centres



This case study highlights how an IaaS Platform Solution offered a Contact Centre business a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure to support its growth. Established in 2001, Zevas is a leading outsourced and insource customer contact solutions provider. The organisation operates across Europe and North America, serving a range of industry verticals including Telecommunications and Financial Services. Zevas and its team of highly skilled staff deliver tailor-made, client-specific solutions.

The Infrastructure as a Service Challenge

For years, Zevas had an on-premise solution in place and, although keen to move to the cloud, the organisation had concerns about moving to a public cloud solution. The nature of a public cloud platform left Zevas open to cybersecurity breaches – something the company was eager to mitigate against. It soon became clear that Zevas needed a private cloud solution, however – despite having the expertise in-house to build it – Zevas was apprehensive about the large scale capital investment required to do so.

In other words, the organisation wanted what most desire; state of the art infrastructure without the large price tag. Certain there was a more cost-effective way, the organisation began looking for a reliable and trustworthy private cloud provider.

The IaaS Platform Solution

Initially, it was Stryve’s reputation that attracted Zevas’ attention, however, it was the close cooperation and the bespoke solution we designed that truly exceeded expectations. Stryve’s solution was not only cost-effective and unique but also went beyond what most organisations offer. Moreover, with our private cloud offering, cost-savings were significant; for only a small monthly fee, Zevas has access to state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology.

Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability of the IaaS Platform solution was another key advantage. Zevas can modify or upgrade their current solution with ease, offering the organisation flexibility to grow. Above all, Stryve’s solution offers peace of mind and ensures that Zevas is constantly protected, allowing the organisation to pass even the most rigorous security audits with ease.

IaaS Platform Solution: The Benefits

Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • Leading contact solutions provider
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Over 150 employees

Client Requirements

A secure private cloud platform
Improved cybersecurity
Dedicated equipment and storage
Fully encrypted data


A state of the art, secure private IaaS platform solution
Constant protection and peace of mind
Significant cost savings
Flexibility to grow
Access to cutting edge technology
Zero downtime
Ability to focus on key business objectives

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“It is rare to find a company that is on the same page about how to do things. I have been following the investment Stryve has made in infrastructure lately and every solution design by Stryve gives us confidence to partner with them for our storage and security needs.”

David Cashman
Chief Commercial Officer

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