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Penetration Testing for the Not-For-Profit Sector


Penetration Testing for the Not-For-Profit Sector

tuath housing


Tuath Housing is a not-for-profit company that provides a wide range of accommodation and aims to meet a variety of housing needs in Ireland. Established and registered in 2006, Tuath Housing has been awarded Voluntary Housing Status by the Department of the Environment and is also a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing. In recent years the organisation has won several awards for its housing schemes.

The Pen Testing Challenge

Ensuring that the organisation remains secure through continuous and permanent monitoring is of vital importance to Tuath Housing. Aware that new vulnerabilities are constantly cropping up and software can quickly become outdated, performing a pen test annually was something the organisation was accustomed to. Thus, while there were no known vulnerabilities or cause for concern, Tuath Housing began looking for an organisation that could perform both a perimeter and website pen test.

The Pen Testing Solution

Tuath Housing engaged Stryve to perform a pen test. The organisation sought to ensure that its perimeter, which spanned four offices across the country, as well as its website, could withstand scrutiny. Not only was the turn-around time on Stryve’s pen test impressive, but the organisation was also able to schedule a pen test to be performed exactly when it wanted. The service was quick, efficient as well as cost-effective.

Following the pen test, Stryve produced a report which detailed recommended
improvements and outlined where Tuath Housing’s vulnerabilities lay. Stryve’s report was not only clear and comprehensive but also consumable by IT staff and C-suite executives alike. Impressed by the service provided, Tuath Housing is eager to engage Stryve’s services again.


Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • Not-for-profit company
  • Provides a wide range of accommodation
  • Awarded Voluntary Housing Status by the Department of the Environment
  • Member of the Irish Council for Social Housing

Client Requirements

  • A website pen test
  • Verification that the organisation is secure
  • Peace of mind


  • Quick turn-around time
  • Efficient service
  • Cost-effective
  • A comprehensive report
  • Recommendations from our experts
icon user

“Our security penetration test process across our 4 offices and company website was cost effective, comprehensive and efficient. It is one of the key components of our cyber security defences and we will certainly utilise their services again without hesitation.”

Ronnie Maher
Head of IT at Tuath Housing

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