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Penetration Testing of an Online Payments Platform


Penetration Testing of an Online Payments Platform


TrustVet is a leading pet health care plan provider, offering solutions to veterinary practices across Ireland and the United Kingdom. The organisation was founded by Liam Moriarty who was unimpressed with the offerings of other health care plan providers. TrustVet decided to solve this problem by creating its own solution, designed by a vet for vets. The organisation’s solution soon became used across the country, receiving praise from vets and nurses alike, and will shortly be launching in Europe.

The Pen Testing Challenge

As a fully digital payment solution, with numerous integrations to other veterinary software providers and payment gateways, one of the key reasons TrustVet chose to perform a pen test was to ensure that its product was robust and could withstand scrutiny. As an organisation that was selling software to practices across Ireland and the UK, it was important to TrustVet that its offering was bulletproof. Aware that performing a pen test would offer the organisation and its customers peace of mind, TrustVet engaged Stryve.

The Pen Testing Solution

One of TrustVet’s key requirements was that the pen test would not put a strain on company resources. The organisation’s team of developers is focused primarily on new product development and did not want to spend valuable development time assisting with the test. Stryve’s pen test required minimal assistance from TrustVet and only took a couple of days to complete. The organisation simply set up several user accounts and Stryve took care of the rest. Following the pen test, Stryve produced a report which identified areas where improvements could be made and detailed the changes that our experts recommended be implemented. The report did not reveal any significant shortcomings, however, it did identify some minor areas that could be improved upon and set out relevant recommendations in an easy to read report that could be consumed by engineers, software developers and C-Suite executives alike. TrustVet immediately acted on these recommendations and implemented the relevant changes to ensure that its solution remains as secure as possible.


Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • Leading pet health care plan provider
  • Only health care plan solution in the UK designed by a vet for vets
  • Used across Ireland and the UK, shortly launching in Europe

Client Requirements

  • A comprehensive pen test
  • Minimal strain on company resources
  • An overview of the areas that required improvement
  • Peace of mind


  • A pen test that required minimal assistance from TrustVet
  • A detailed report
  • Recommended improvements
  • Verification that the solution is secure
  • Peace of mind
icon user

“TrustVet engaged Stryve to pen test our payments platform. We were delighted with Stryve’s service – great communication throughout, minimal disruption to our operations in terms of setting up the tests, and a comprehensive report on their findings. We’ll certainly use Stryve as our preferred pen test partner as we continue to develop our software.”

Gordon Stewart
Chief Financial Officer at TrustVet

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