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Business Continuity Solution ensures Point-of-Sale availability


Business Continuity Solution ensures Point-of-Sale availability


This case study highlights how a Stryve Business Continuity Solution ensures Point-of-Sale availability for a leading provider of POS equipment and services. Station Master is the leading supplier of back-office and point-of-sale software to the Irish convenience and forecourt convenience market embracing all the major symbol groups. The organisation’s software provides all the necessary management tools for the modern convenience store and forecourt. Station Master offers thirty-two county service for installation, training and support and the company’s software solutions are currently deployed in over 500 stores throughout Ireland.

The Business Continuity Challenge

Previously, if a client experienced any downtime due to faulty hardware or a power outage, it was a cumbersome and manual process to get that client back up and running again. Much time was wasted both by the client and by Station Master engineers trying to restore everything. Station Master’s clients simply cannot experience down-time as this affects their bottom line and their reputation. If a shop is open, the tills need to work. Station Master needed to find a solution for this problem.

Business Continuity Solution

Stryve offered Station Master a business continuity solution. Stryve’s business continuity solution allowed Station Master to provide an end-to-end Managed service to its clients. If one of its clients went down, Stryve could get things back up and running in minutes. A key benefit of Stryve’s solution was that it offered continuous availability. It was simple and cost-effective. Above all, Stryve’s business continuity solution ensured that, in the event of a disaster, all clients would be back to business-as-usual, with zero data loss, in seconds.


Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



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“We have been able to drive some pretty exciting business results from Stryve’s solution. We have calculated a 30% decrease in time spent troubleshooting issues with clients. Being able to guarantee continuous availability of our systems to our clients has been a huge selling point for us and we have seen a growth in sales as a result.

We had very high expectations when we set out looking for a suitable solution and I have to say that Stryve not only met with those expectations but exceeded them. From day 1, they listened to our problems and spent a considerable amount of time gaining an understanding of our industry, our clients and our business needs. We now feel that the Stryve team are part of our team.

The biggest thing that Stryve has done for us and our customers is true peace of mind. My customers are happy and that makes me happy”.

Damien Emerson
Managing Director

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