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Private Cloud for the High-Performance Solutions Provider


Private Cloud for the High-Performance Solutions Provider


Established in 1973, Tricel is a global provider of high-performance solutions for water, environmental, construction, and materials industries. As a family-run and owned business, they boast decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of a vast range of products, including wastewater treatment plants, metering solutions, and composite materials.

The Secure Private Cloud Challenge

Tricel has grown quickly and recently their growth has been fuelled by acquiring some smaller companies that complement their service offerings. As is common with mergers, each company that joined its portfolio had their own way of configuring technology systems. Disparate systems hinder collaborative working and present security risks, so, as companies came on board they wanted to standardise their IT systems, wherever possible. Stryve helped them to understand the technology they possessed and how it could be seamlessly integrated with standardised security. 

As Tricel has grown, their footprint has expanded across Europe and beyond. The growth of their internal IT team had not kept pace with their rate of international growth, so their team valued expert input. Despite being an international company, Tricel were hosting its ERP, which is operationally critical software from their main headquarters in Killarney, Ireland. Hosting on-site from a single location left them vulnerable to internet outages and power failures. When the Killarney site went down the entire group of companies couldn’t continue trading. They wanted to remove the Killarney office from the process to reduce their risks. Their IT infrastructure was also getting older and needed replacing.  

Secure Private Cloud Solution

Stryve’s expert team set about building their infrastructure and setting up their cloud architecture. Stryve kept the project moving and lines of communication open by always being available to discuss things and conducting weekly meetings.

Tricel’s data was carefully migrated over and their cloud environment was configured. Their applications were phased in over a period of time. For a while, both infrastructures were running concurrently. A group of users logged in to test the system and ensure everything worked as it should. A virtual private network (VPN) was also setup to deliver a higher degree of security for their systems and applications.

Secure Private Cloud Solution: The Benefits

Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • Global provider for high-performance solutions for multiple industries
  • Family run and owned
  • Decades of experience
  • Provide solutions in 50 countries

Client Requirements

  • Standardise IT systems
  • Improved security
  • Decentrailise platform to remove vulnerabilities and remove reliance on single site
  • Reduce Risk
  • Guidance and expert advice


  • System functionality, that run faster and with greater stability
  • ERP and systems have much greater resilience
  • Backup and disaster recovery have greater consistency and manageability
  • Peace of mind
  • Higher protection form cyber-attacks and data loss threats like hardware breakdown
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“From our first meeting with Stryve Secure, we knew they were a company we would work well with. They discussed all our options with us, helping us make the best decisions. It became obvious to us that Stryve Secure didn’t see Tricel as a customer, but as their partner. – They knew that it was in their best interests to do everything correctly and do it well. We met regularly during systems implementations. In terms of their communications, e-mails came back and forth regularly, their ticketing systems tracked everything and we met up every week. Their personal updates and project management skills are brilliant. We can’t sing their praises highly enough. We considered doing our cloud migration ourselves, but without Stryve’s input, we wouldn’t have the robust technical solution we have now. Stryve Secure are absolutely great to deal with!”. 

Mike Dennehy
IT Manager

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