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Penetration Testing for Digital Transformation Experts


Penetration Testing for Digital Transformation Experts


Founded in 2004, OpenSky Data Systems is an IT and consultancy solutions company based in Kildare, Ireland. The organisation employs over 80 people and has international offices in Poland and India. OpenSky Data Systems’ is Ireland’s only Govtech digital transformation specialist and has transformed over 50 public sector bodies in Ireland and the UK.

The Pen Testing Challenge

Guaranteeing customers access to secure solutions is of paramount importance to OpenSky. Although the organisation was confident that all of its systems could withstand scrutiny, they wanted to put its defences to the test and verify that the security levels met the expectations. While confident that the test would not reveal any major cybersecurity issues, OpenSky was eager to ensure that every issue, no matter how minor, could be identified and rectified.

The Pen Testing Solution

OpenSky approached Stryve to enlist our penetration testing service. We worked closely with OpenSky to understand the organisations’ needs as well as its expectations and to decide upon the scope of the penetration test. After putting OpenSkys’ defences to the test, Stryve produced a report which set out our findings. This detailed report categorised risks as low, medium and high. Moreover, it gave detail around what the risks were, why they were an issue and what OpenSky could do to rectify them. Stryve’s report was easy to read and ensured that OpenSky achieve its original goal.


Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • IT and consultancy solutions company
  • Offices in Poland and India
  • Over 80 employees
  • Ireland’s only Govtech digital transformation specialist

Client Requirements

  • Verification that the organisation is secure
  • Identification and rectification of any issues
  • Ensure that customer’s security expectations could be met
  • Access to technical expertise
  • Expert advice


  • An easy to read report which can be digested by engineers and C-suite executives alike
  • Information regarding risks
  • Risks categorised as low, medium and high
  • Detailed recommendations on how to remedy issues
  • Expert advice
  • Cost savings
  • Peace of mind
icon user

“Stryve provided OpenSky with a detailed, clear and prompt penetration test on one of our systems. Very happy with the detail on the report along with the great customer support from the team. We will be happy to use the service again”


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