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IT & Security for Galway Hotel


IT & Security for Galway Hotel


Nox Hotel is a well-known 3-star, 102-room hotel located on Headford Rd, in Galway City. The hotel’s cosy bedrooms are well equipped with free Wi-Fi, smart Tv’s and a selection of Multi-Channels. The Nox Hotel also owns the Snug Townhouse, a modern, 35 en-suite room townhouse in the centre of Galway. The Sleepless team also support their head office premises.

The IT & Security Challenge

In December 2022, many hotels around the world were affected when a leading hotel booking agent fell prey to a serious cyber-attack.

The Nox Hotel, whilst not directly affected by the attack, decided to invest in expert cybersecurity guidance to help them protect their guests and minimise any impact on their city-centre retreat in the future.

The Stryve Sleepless team were supporting the renovation and upgrade of an older building, the Snug Townhouse – the retrofitting was complicated by disjointed legacy systems that are interlinked for use by the townhouse. With this digital transformation project underway, the timing was perfect to roll out a cyber security plan across the hotel group.

The IT & Security Solution

The Snug Townhouse team were supported with technical strategy implementation during the building of its new urban city escape.

The Nox Hotel’s systems were carefully assessed and documented, and a technical strategy was proposed and discussed with the hotel management. Stryve Sleepless worked with The Nox Hotel team to upgrade their systems and strengthen their cybersecurity status.

The project included the installation of fast reliable broadband, integrating the Epos systems, phone systems, and front and back offices to work harmoniously. The activity included cyber improvements and awareness training for the Hotel’s team.

Stryve Sleepless explained the process thoroughly and guided The Nox Hotel staff members through their remediation plan. They worked hard to protect The Nox Hotel’s systems, their team and their guests, going above and beyond to navigate the situation in a professional manner that minimised the impact upon their guests and prevented any further harm.

The End Result

We commend the Nox Hotel and Snug Townhouse for punching well above its weight for a small hotel and townhouse with excellent cyber security provisions.

Stryve Sleepless worked hard with the Nox Hotel team to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. They strengthened their cybersecurity status and protected their customers’ data. They also rolled out cybersecurity training to the entire team, enabling them to recognise the tell-tale signs of threats and common phishing attacks.

Modernising and upgrading their IT systems has enabled the Nox Hotel team to integrate robust technology systems into their way of working. This has helped the boutique hotel to keep up with bigger competitors and avoid downtime.

Having seamlessly integrated systems enables efficient ways of working, avoiding unnecessary admin and reducing the number of disparate e-mails that are sent.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: The Benefits

Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • Popular 102-room hotel based in Galway City
  • Bedrooms equipped with WIFI & Smart TV’S
  • Looking to invest in cyber expert guidance.

Client Requirements

  • Protection for guests
  • Minimise the impact of any potential cyberattacks
  • Concurrent digital transformation project at the Snug Townhouse
  • Extensive cyber security plan


  • Systems assessed, documented and technical strategy proposed and applied.
  • System upgrades to strengthen cybersecurity status
  • Installation of fast reliable broadband & phone systems
  • Cybersecurity Awareness training for staff
  • Remediation plan
  • Reduced risk of cyberattack
  • Modernised IT systems
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“We’re really happy with the Stryve Sleepless team’s professional approach and the overall outcome for Nox Hotels. Throughout all our IT and cybersecurity projects, we’ve worked with the same people, delivering consistently great results. Our Wi-Fi upgrade project was seamless with minimal impact on our team, we didn’t even know they were in our offices. Strye Sleepless cybersecurity experts are also really hands-on. They really listened to the brief of what we wanted to achieve. They’ve delivered consistently high levels of service. Their knowledge and active approach are fantastic. We trust and highly recommend them. For everyday IT support, their remote access approach makes things so easy, saving time and getting us up and running really quickly. They’re extremely professional from start to finish.”

Edel O’Connell
Group Business Development Manager

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