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Delivering Cybersecurity training for Financial Institutions


Delivering Cybersecurity training for Financial Institutions


Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet is an organisation that offers training solutions for management and staff across South East Ireland. The organisation was established in January 1999 by a group of Senior Managers from various organisations across the region who noticed that they shared common training problems. Through their collaboration, these organisations have developed locally based, low cost and customised training solutions for businesses across the Carlow Kilkenny region. Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet forms part of Skillnet Ireland, a business support agency of the Irish Government that promotes business training and workforce learning across Ireland.

The Cyber Security Training Challenge

Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet needed to find a reputable company to provide its clients with cybersecurity training (CPD). In particular, the organisation required a company that could work with regional credit unions and carry out a one to one session with a large local credit union. The organisation was eager to find a reliable training provider that had technical expertise and extensive cybersecurity knowledge. Moreover, Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet sought a training provider that could break down and communicate complex cybersecurity concepts to employees with little knowledge of the area.

The Cyber Security Training Solution

Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet engaged Stryve to provide its clients with cybersecurity training. We delivered training sessions, seminars and presentations to the wider business community, as well as to several credit unions, across the South East. Stryve also designed and delivered tailor-made training solutions to individual credit unions and their teams. We provided a range of security demonstrations and shared tips on ways to improve cybersecurity within each organisation. The training that Stryve provided not only educated employees and improved their cybersecurity awareness, it also enabled credit unions to gain CPD points. Moreover, credit unions were granted the opportunity to have their cybersecurity policies vetted by Stryve, a third-party ISO security certified company.


Turnover Supported:

€21 billion

Average RPO

Average RPO:

8 Seconds



Client Profile

  • A leading training solutions provider in South East Ireland
  • Working with over 500 local businesses
  • Over 20 years of experience

Client Requirements

  • A reputable cybersecurity training provider
  • Improved cybersecurity awareness among clients
  • A training provider with technical expertise
  • A training provider that could communicate complex concepts


  • Improved cybersecurity awareness
  • Tailored training solutions
  • Increased understanding of proactive cybersecurity measures
  • Advice on client’s cybersecurity policies
  • Increase in client’s CPD points
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“Working with Andrew and the team at Stryve to produce solutions for our members and their staff has been a successful venture . Andrew took the time to fully research our company needs and provide accurate up to date training solutions to help each business . We will continue to work with Stryve for further skills Gaps in the ict sector “

Ashling Ward
Network Manager

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