Best Way to Improve Security Awareness? Train, Train and Train Some More.


In the final video in Stryve’s seven-part series, Paul Delahunty, our Information Security Officer, speaks to Kathleen Lucey, Client Director at Stryve, about the importance of training your employees. Paul begins by explaining that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to training. Different organisations take different approaches with some providing instructor lead training and others offering online training.

Nevertheless, Paul points out that cybersecurity awareness needs to be communicated to employees almost by osmosis. Indeed, even simple things around the office, such as posters, can help increase cybersecurity awareness and contribute to a culture of awareness within an organisation.

Pauls tells us that training employees is critical because they are often – primarily through phishing – the target of hackers or criminals. After all, the vast majority of cyberattacks can be traced back to a phishy email. Cybersecurity training, Paul concludes, can transform your organisation’s weak underbelly into your strongest line of defence.

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