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At Stryve we take great pride in
delivering an outstanding service to
our clients. We achieve this by having
full control over the services we

At Stryve we take great pride in delivering an outstanding service to our clients. We achieve this by having full control over the services we deliver

Consequently, we are one of the few cloud service providers that has invested in our own private cloud infrastructure. As a result, we can offer you the reassuring combination of scalable infrastructure, cyber security and advice to give you peace of mind.

Although many companies sell cloud solutions, very few have in-depth knowledge of the entire process, from infrastructure design and security to customer support. Stryve’s extensive knowledge spans the entire process, from designing and building private cloud solutions to management and support.

Stryve’s private cloud infrastructure is wrapped in a layer of security, under the guidance of our Cyber Security team, ensuring that your applications and data are protected. At Stryve, our team is part of your team, supporting your business operations from offices in Ireland, the UK and Poland.

Stryve’s Vision

Stryve’s vision is to become Europe’s largest cloud and security company. We want to give SMEs access to ironclad cloud cyber security and expertise that protects their data, fosters safer work environments and ultimately gives customers greater peace of mind.

Why choose Stryve?

When you choose Stryve as your IT service provider we understand and appreciate the trust you place in our team to manage your IT securely. As a result you are a valued client to us, not an account number. We see ourselves as stakeholders in your success. So our Technical and Cyber Security Team will go the extra mile for you.

Our stellar track record

Turnover Supported :

€21 billion

Average RPO :

8 Seconds



Turnover Supported

Protecting Clients in :

20 Countries

Our experts

Meet the team

Andrew Tobin-Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Tobin

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew leads the Stryve team as CEO. He is responsible for the strategy, innovation and operations. Andrew ensures that the company remains at the cutting edge of technology and that Stryve offers world-class solutions to its clients.


Inga Danu


Inga is primarily responsible for looking after the financial department. She provides assistance with daily operations, record keeping, preparing financial records, conducting office administration, payroll processing, bank, budgeting and cash flow.

Paul Delahunty

Information Security Officer

Paul works closely with clients and manages the team internally when it comes to delivering our cyber security advisory services.

Laurence DArcy-Strategic Director

Laurence D'Arcy

Strategic Director

Laurence is responsible for the strategic direction of the business as well as corporate activity in the area of mergers and acquisitions. He holds an MSc in Economic Policy from Trinity College Dublin and is engaged in PhD research at Maynooth University.

Günter Bayer-Chief Information Officer

Günter Bayer

Chief Information Officer

Günter is a founding director of Stryve. As CIO, he is responsible for the company’s overall strategic IT direction. He designs and develops complex Cloud, Disaster Recovery (DR) and security solutions for our multifaceted client base. His knowledge and expertise is a key driving force behind strategic development at Stryve.

Anis Jendoubi -Chief Technology Officer

Anis Jendoubi

Chief Technology Officer

Anis is another founding director of Stryve. As CTO, he is responsible for building and maintaining Stryve’s sophisticated data center infrastructure as well as designing and building bespoke client solutions. Anis leads the research and development into innovative cybersecurity solutions. He also ensures that our data centers (located in Cork and Warsaw) have zero down time.

Gillian Moody-Managing Director

Gillian Moody

Managing Director - IRE

Gillian is responsible for the day to day running of Stryve. She works closely with clients ensuring projects are completed in a timely fashion by managing and co-ordinating our team internally. Gillian also works closely with partners and suppliers.

Ciaran Bolger

Chief Financial Officer

Ciaran is responsible for all Finance activities within Stryve. His role includes cash flow and financial management along with reviewing Financial projects and investments in order to support future growth and expansion of Stryve.

Marcin Jakubiec-IT Support Engineer

Marcin Jakubiec

IT Support Engineer

Marcin is an IT support engineer at Stryve. He helps to monitor and maintain internal infrastructure and provides technical support to our clients

Marcin Radecki

System Administrator

Marcin is a System Administrator at Stryve. With over 10 years of experience in IT industry, he is responsible for ensuring that all of our infrastructure is working properly. Marcin also helps to troubleshoot software and hardware issues ensuring that all systems are operational both for our clients and our employees.

Jason Popplewell

Jason Popplewell

Group Commercial Director

Jason holds the position of being responsible for overseeing and managing all the commercial activities within the group of companies, acting as a pivotal link between the various entities. His role primarily revolves around ensuring the collective strategy of the group is robust, dynamic, and poised for growth and success.

Ian Fogerty

Business Development Manager

Ian is an experienced and dynamic Business Development Manager with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. In his role at Stryve, Ian draws on more than 20 years of experience in Software as a Service (SaaS) and IT sales. He thrives on contributing to customer success through consultation and building strong business relationships with an extensive network.

Keith Nolan

Office Administrator

Keith is the office administrator at Stryve. His role involves coordinating the office administration, meeting and diary management, digital content writing and general admin duties. Keith liaises with each department and supports their activity be it the marketing, finance, management, or sales teams.

Hein Kruger

Information Security Engineer

Hein plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of our client’s data. With a keen focus on proactive defence measures, Hein employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices to fortify our cyber defences against evolving threats. He works collaboratively with customers and the internal teams to ensure our cybersecurity measures meet the highest standards.

Glen Comer

Senior Network Engineer

Glen is a highly skilled Senior Network Engineer with a background in general IT support, including desktops, servers, firewalls, Azure and M365. He now specialises in networking and VoIP installation. He proactively manages and maintains the network on behalf of Stryve customers. Glen is also actively involved in new customer audits and onboarding.

Calvin Bergin

Calvin Bergin

Frontline Support Engineer

Calvin’s role as a Frontline Support Engineer at Stryve is integral to delivering high-quality, customer-focused technical support. As part of the frontline team, his skills ensure the delivery of high-quality, customer-centric technical support, guaranteeing the best possible service and positive experience with our products and services.

Holly Kirby

Admin Assistant

Holly helps our team with reporting, pricing and purchasing, taking calls and handling various administrative tasks. Holly is a versatile team member who works across the entire organisation. With her strong attention to detail and coordination skills, Holly is an invaluable team member, helping us provide the best service to our customers.

Michala Dhibi

Accounts Assistant

Michala is a dedicated Accounts Assistant who helps Stryve with day-to-day administration, general bookkeeping, invoicing, managing VAT and payroll, and preparation of management accounts. She has a sharp eye for detail and excellent interpersonal skills. Michala is responsible for managing our Galway office and liaising with third-party providers and clients.

Patrick Tansey

Patrick Tansey

Inside Sales Representative

Patrick works closely with his colleagues to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. His responsibilities include preparing proposals for clients, arranging quotes and orders, and reaching out to customers with outbound proposals. Patrick also keeps customers up to date on the full range of products and services available. 

Adam McCabe

Adam McCabe

Junior Penetration Tester

As a Pen tester, Adam works closely with our security team as a highly trained cybersecurity professional. He provides expertise in generating vital reports for clients while understanding the ins and outs of cyber security defences.

Nicola McGill

Support Desk Co-Ordinator

Nicola is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Sleepless service desk. Her primary role involves managing the day-to-day activities of the service desk. This typically involves handling incoming requests, incidents, and inquiries from customers regarding IT services, technical issues, or general support needs. She also actively collaborates with the Project, Sales, and Accounts teams to promptly address any customer concerns.

Gabriel Rosa profile

Gabriel Rosa

Senior Cloud Support Engineer

Gabriel is a highly experienced Senior Cloud Support Engineer who specialises in making sure customers’ cloud environments run smoothly. He focuses on supporting VMware and Microsoft Cloud Solutions, such as Office 365 and Azure, to ensure our customers’ data is always available and secure. He helps Stryve customers with everything from managing and supporting their data centre environment to providing technical assistance over the phone.

Daragh Naughton

Daragh Naughton

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer for the Stryve Group Daragh is responsible for strategy, innovation and operations. Daragh has over 25 years of expertise in computer hardware, operating systems, and networks and has worked with companies of varying sizes, providing consultancy, installation, and support for computer hardware, OS, and networks, and has provided Global Sales Training for Dell. He is a speaker at industry events, a regular contributor to National News Media, and a passionate advocate for cloud computing.

Lucas Taraia

Lucas Taraia

Senior Pen Tester

Lucas’ responsibility is to conduct comprehensive penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in client systems and applications and generate detailed reports outlining identified vulnerabilities and recommended remediation steps. His extensive experience in penetration testing and ethical hacking means identifying and mitigating potential security risks before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Jordan Molloy

Jordan Molloy

Front-Line Engineer

As a Front-Line Engineer, Jordan is the first point of contact for clients. He ensures that all incoming requests are properly triages and compete. He also makes sure that issues are passed along to the appropriate higher levels of the support team.

Leigh Byrne

Leigh Byrne

Accounts Director

Leigh has over 20 years of experience in providing enterprise grade solutions for companies globally with a wide knowledge of both software and infrastructure solutions. He works with our clients to ensure that the best solutions are always delivered on and ensuring the voice of the customer is at the forefront. Leigh is focused on the relationship with the customer and delivering on providing business value.

Shane Cunningham

Customer Support Engineer

With extensive experience supporting Windows and Microsoft 365, Shane specialises in SharePoint and Intune. Shane’s exceptional customer service skills have made him a highly valued team member with staff and customers alike. Shane excels in providing innovative solutions and user-friendly guides for customers and enjoys collaborating closely with them.

Bojan Krstic

Senior Cloud Engineer

Bojan Krstic is a highly experienced Senior Cloud Engineer with a focus on designing, implementing, and managing cloud infrastructure and services using Microsoft Azure. With a proven track record in the field, he is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he undertakes.

Ivan Brophy

Front Line Support Engineer

Ivan is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service by promptly resolving IT-related issues and queries. He is a skilled and experienced professional who consistently ensures that our clients receive the highest level of support. Ivan’s expertise ranges from 365 administration and general software issues to hardware issues across multiple endpoints and devices.

Dedicated and secure data centres

Dedicated and secure data centres

‍When it comes to your data, our priority is your data security. Our secure private data centres store and protect highly sensitive information for companies with global reach – ranging from engineering to legal, pharma to financial services and more.

A trusted strategic partner

A trusted strategic partner

‍Our consultative advisory approach delivers bespoke solutions and services configured to your specific needs, with ongoing support and advice as those needs evolve. After all, off-the-shelf solutions typically fail to offer the flexibility you need as your business requirements change. When they do, our Technical and Cyber Security team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Dedicated and secure data centres

Protecting your organisation from online threats

‍We provide world-class cybersecurity advisory services and solutions to SMEs and Enterprises throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. That includes Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with Secure Online Backups from our own dedicated data centres. Our Enterprise Cloud Services are built with Enterprise-Grade infrastructure.


You’re in safe hands

We provide a highly bespoke,
tailored, flexible solution tell the best stories.

Our experts will be with you every step, protecting your data and giving you complete peace of mind.